Decorations and inserts, trendy colours as well as neutrals and naturals, bright mosaics and a passion for design.
Contemporary homes by Cotto Petrus share a feeling of freedom, with a style that is young, fresh and in line with the latest trends that are the mark of a modern lifestyle.

They feature marble, wood, natural stone or terracotta, as well as sophisticated textures and colour: Cotto Petrus collections are Made exclusively in Italy and are complete with a selection of trim tiles whose cheap & chic beauty is truly unique. The ideal solutions for everyone, because your home should be a place to enjoy life; not just a place to live.

Wall- and floor coverings, superior quality surfaces that are the outcome of painstaking research into aesthetics, designed for people who want their home to have a personal and creative touch with no sacrifice to elegance, with the confidence that only a technologically advanced product can offer.

It is a comeback for true classics as well as a showcase for new styles and new inspirations: colours, finishes and decorations waiting to be explored and combined together; mix them with one another to create an ultra glamorous and fashionable mood.

It is a new philosophy for a home replete with an air of intimate sophistication; for a home where you can relax and feel at one with yourself but that is also somewhere to enjoy with friends. Welcoming, vivacious, intimate, rustic, trendy and sophisticated. A Cotto Petrus home is all this and much more: a perfect mix where enjoying life and enjoying your home is what really counts.