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Stone effect

<strong>Aspen</strong> Bianco
Aspen Bianco
<strong>Aspen</strong> Grigio
Aspen Grigio
<strong>Aspen</strong> Fumè
Aspen Fumè
<strong>Aspen</strong> Antracite
Aspen Antracite
<strong>Aspen</strong> Beige
Aspen Beige
<strong>Mythos</strong> Ivory
Mythos Ivory
<strong>Mythos</strong> Steel
Mythos Steel
<strong>Mythos</strong> Plomb
Mythos Plomb
<strong>Mythos</strong> Ecru
Mythos Ecru
<strong>Queen Stone</strong> Acciaio
Queen Stone Acciaio
<strong>Queen Stone</strong> Avorio
Queen Stone Avorio
<strong>Queen Stone</strong> Sabbia
Queen Stone Sabbia